Acne and Problematic Skin

The Environ Focus Care Clarify Range is specifically formulated to effectively cleanse and help the appearance of blemish-prone skin or Acne. The Environ Sebu-Wash, a low foaming cleansing gel containing tea tree oil is used to assist in removing skin debris without drying the skin, while maintaining a natural acid balance

Years of medical research has categorically proven that vitamin A has the ability to permanently control this condition.

Acne or problem skin is caused by hormones that affect both women and men. Most acne clears for men after puberty – whilst for women it can be a life-long concern. Problem skin is a result of the excess production of sebum and the increased growth of skin cells. These excess skin cells join with the sebum resulting in pores becoming blocked ( black heads ) Inflammation usually follows along with bacteria resulting in a ‘pimple’ or ‘zit’.